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KidzNizmo Bookset

KidzNizmo Bookset  (Book 1-3)Book1 : Synopsis-Asteroid-KidzNizmo discovers that an asteroi..


KidzNizmo Episode 1

Episode 1 Synopsis-Asteroid-KidzNizmo discovers that an asteroid is coming towards earth. Solar..


KidzNizmo Episode 2

Episode 2 Synopsis-Every drop counts- KidzNizmo discovered illegal dumping of toxic material into t..


KidzNizmo Episode 3

Episode 3 Synopsis-To Catch a Thief-KidzNizmo discovers a theft in a museum-Harmony-KidsNizmo learns..


Super 7 Dashyatun Volume 1

This is a bilingual (English/Malay) comic book.  It aims to promote social awareness among youn..