Seller FAQ

Why sell on EdureachShop?

Reach out to the right audience! EdureachShop is a focused marketplace for assessment and story books. Our audience includes parents, students, teachers, and educators locally and internationally. Your products will also gain international exposure and get picked up by international schools and distributors.

How much does EdureachShop charge sellers?

The rate ranges from 15% to 30%. Email us at or call us at (65) 6817 6157 for clarifications.

How does it work? / How do I register an account?

We will showcase the books you want to sell on our website, but the delivery is done by the seller. To register a Seller’s Account, click on “Login Seller” and “Continue” under New Seller. Orders & Payment We will notify a seller via email when a product has been purchased. Seller will handle the delivery. At the end of the month, all proceeds will be sent to seller’s account.